About us

"TECHNOINVESTPROEKT" is the latest manufacturer of the building materials of new generation implemented its own energy-saving technology in the construction industry.

Effective technical solution offered by our company is know-how in modern construction. Our idea is patented and has no analogues in Ukraine as well as in the world.


Modern structural building material – polyblock

Polyblock is a modern structural building material of thermal insulation and ornamental pieces in the form of a building block consisting of 2 layers:

Decorative-facing layer is a slab of cement-sand mixture, consisting of special strengthening components that are guaranteed protects to the front part of the facade from the effects of weathering, mechanical damage and ensures beautiful appearance of the house.

Thermal insulation layer is a high quality autoclaved aerated concrete block with high strength properties and unique heat characteristics retaining heat in the house.

Innovative technical solution of "TECHNOINVESTPROEKT" introduces a new brand quality and energy efficient materials in modern market construction.

These materials can be widely used in low-rise cottage and multi-storey cast-frame construction.

Applying our textured autoclaved aerated concrete block the builder gets ready warm walls that do not require additional financial labor and material costs for exterior decoration.

Strong and durable textured layer has ornamental function and at the same time keeps the front part of the facade from the effects of the natural shrinkage of the building, seismic processes usually destroying the facade, protects from any impacts of the external environment, creates the best possible protection for exterior walls and significantly extends the service life of the building as a whole.

Frost resistance of our polyblock has more than 75 cycles. Top textured layer of cement-sand mixture with special ingredients has high strength characteristics and 100% protected against moisture and UV rays.

It is very simple and convenient to install and lay a textured concrete. The process of lying does not contain wet processes; therefore, it can be carried out year-round. Installation of polyblock is very simple. It requires a minimum of skill and training workers. It is easy to cut with an angle grinder, which allows adjusting the angles during installation of walls, windows and doorways. "TECHNOINVESTPROEKT" polyblock company has a large number of textures and a wide color gamut. The life cycle of the presented material is designed for more than 100 years of operation in the harshest climatic conditions and applies from cottage to multi-storey cast-frame construction.

Where you can use polyblock?

Energy performance of polyfacade

Polyfacade is decorative textured insulation in the form of front slabs 500 x 600 mm consisting of 2 layers:

Decorative-protecting layer is a cement-sand slab which protects the facade from the external environment, damage and ensures beautiful appearance of the house.

Thermal insulation layer is a basalt slab that retains heat in the house and provides sound insulation.

Energy performance of our textured thermal insulated facade slabs is several times higher in comparison with traditional materials. Depending on the region, application of polyfacade slabs will allow you to conserve heat and save up to 30% costs on heating the house. Polyfacade slabs are not only for insulation, but also ensure beautiful appearance of the house. Installation of facade slabs of "TECHNOINVESTPROEKT" can be done at any time of the year on any surface when temperatures are low. There is no need to use the mason's scaffold while assembling the facade slabs on the external walls of multi-storey buildings as its successfully implemented from the suspended platform (construction chairs). The texture and color textures are available for every taste and preference.

In what houses you can use the polyfacade for heat insulation and decoration?

The properties of our products


high strength


fire resistance

environmental friendly


Why you should choose us?

7 reasons why you should choose polyfacade for your home decoration:


Insulation and decoration of the house facade using our polyfacade is 2-3 times cheaper than applying other materials (from 220 UAH per 1 square meter)


A team of 3 people warms 10 sq. m. per 2 hours


Minimum product warranty
is 50 years!


Installation is possible in zero temperatures (down to -10C)

Polyfacade facade slabs – for insulation and decoration of houses

We recommend our facade slabs for anyone who is going to insulate the house or facade decoration. Using our materials instead of traditional ones, you save time and money. We offer various textures of the facade slabs for your house priced from 220 UAH per 1 square meter:

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