About us

“TECHNOINVESTPROEKT” is the latest manufacturer of the building materials of new generation implemented its own energy-saving technology in the construction industry.

Effective technical solution offered by our company is know-how in modern construction.  Our idea is patented and has no analogues in Ukraine as well as in the world.

Using proprietary technology, we produce modern textured facade on the basis of sound-thermal insulation materials such as foam polystyrene and basalt (stone) wool.  We also texture high quality aerated concrete block of autoclave method of hardening which is used as the main building material for construction of warm and energy efficient walls of individual houses and buildings` strapping in multi-storey cast-frame construction.

The company’s products are successfully used in construction.  Our materials can warm and at the same time decorate the facade of any objects.

Currently, our production lines can manufacture 5000 square meters of finished products per month with one shift operation staff.

We are ready to discuss the shortest time of production making order for more than 5000 sq. m.

Our specialists calculate the necessary quantity of the materials for heat insulation and decoration of the facade of your object as well as for its construction using textured aerated concrete block.  We also assist and advice you as for application and installation of our material.  Our specialists efficiently organize timely shipment and delivery of your material to the object.

TECHNOINVESTPROEKT offers the production line for sale, applies its own technology, installation and configuration as well as trains working personnel of your company.


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